I woke up today and after several morning activities the last thing I did was drinking my juice. Then suddenly this idea pop up in my mind and it happened because i always ask for a guidance so I can finally find one thing to focus on and bring forth a direction in my life.

Well, anyone would ask me “dude! You don’t have a direction?”  Yes means No and I am just kidding.

To start off, I am coming from a 3rd world country and I call it home because it is where I was born and grew up. 

A peaceful country, nice people and a Democratic country. That is how we say whenever a question is asked but that is not how I think or maybe how I think afterwards.

“You don’t see it coming until it appears” 

Unemployment and self employment are the hot topic now a days.

Everybody wants something and no one is aware of the full picture.

A walk for a change.

A walk of love.

A walk of visibility.

It is an infinity walk and I mean it.


Self employment in Tanzania

Hey, Hello, Hi , Greetings

I am a young man from East Africa based in Tanzania mainland. Growing up in a tough and challenging environment its easy to see than do in action, as they say “you don’t know until you see the full picture”.

I grew up not knowing what I will become and even when they asked me I was either pushed into something I don’t want at the moment or see future in just one thing (maybe that’s my biggest problem), and I remember even said i will be a manager , a secretary too.

However, the background situation of my family was pressure indeed and fear in need. I would definitely attend church even when I don’t feel like doing so or even guilty of something I would rather keep in me.

More importantly on self employment topic currently being a hot topic in Tanzania, and the urge for youth to engage more on small business.

I like cultural tourism, I am a sort of artistic person , I am a music listener and I like singing , I am a sport and games person, I almost like a lot of things that are in nature artistically ,practically , spiritually and emotionally. I am capable of learn things faster and even think deeper.

But the thing is ” what do I have now?” “Is it applicable?” “Who will accept my ideas?” “Is it you?”

Well there’s no right answer until now. I think we need to experience it together. 

You’re in Tanzania already or planning to come soon, you can make a decision to do something different and maybe something productive that will touch everyone who is willing to start a new journey of self employment. 

Contact me or find me and maybe we will find some people with the same goal and we may do something in action and that will bring a positive impact in Tanzania.

Thank you.

Michael Tendwa 

You might have traveled different places across the globe and you might have passed throughout nice places around the globe yet you might have passed without see something like this simply because you were not interested in small things.. This picture help you to see clear what you didn’t see


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